About our Posters

Are your posters laminated?
We offer our posters in PAPER or LAMINATED versions. Paper listings are not laminated. Check each listing to make sure that it states either Laminated or Paper.

How are the posters shipped?
Posters come rolled up to protect them during transit, but they don't take long to flatten out - instructions on flattening them out come in the packaging. The best way is to roll them in the opposite direction and wrap them in a rubber band for 6 - 12 hours.

How do you hang the posters?
Our posters are easy to stick to the wall. Instructions are included for securing them to your wall, but here are some tips: We recommend using colorful pushpins to put them up on the walls or poster putty if you do not want to use tacks. Removable Command strips also work well, as they do a good job of not damaging the wall or the poster.

Can I use dry erase marker on the posters?
Our posters can be written on with dry erase markers and can easily be cleaned right off. You can also put fun stickers on them.